Finding Balance

True to my Zodiac sign, balance is where I find my peace. I felt in balance the last couple days and I started to reflect on what caused this sense of calm. What does it take for me to find peace. Andy has been away on a work trip so I planned accordingly so that I could make sure I had time for the things I needed (well, the best I could). I got exercise, play, had healthy habits, took time for both of my work endeavors, had special time with each of my kids (made pancakes for breakfast, read books, bubble baths, play, and quality dinners), and I kept the house somewhat straight. These are BIG wins!

Many days I don’t achieve all of this, most days I am heavily weighted. Too much work, not nearly enough work, no exercise, eat like crud, loss my cool with everyone. So, I wonder what makes the difference. Lately, with a ten month old especially, having enough time for much is super challenging. I realize though that creating some routines that we can get into a rhythm on is key. I struggle with consistency, this week though was the first week I had a nanny from 8:30am to 2pm for three days out of the week. WOWZA this made a HUGE difference! I have been so stressed for the past month with a lack of childcare. I am so grateful for some help, because let’s get real, when you have 3 kids under 7, you NEED help! Especially, when you are also trying to grow a business and a non profit. I have honestly been failing at both of those things lately. People are always saying, “I don’t know how you do it?!” To which I respond, “I am not doing it well, that’s how.” I want that to change, and I am down on my knees singing praise and hoping that now that I am getting some consistent help that things will get better. And yet, it comes back to balance. I don’t want too much help either because I don’t wanna miss being mama to these precious ones. Dang, the love they have been giving me lately, my heart just wants to burst.

So, I write this asking for advice, what tips do working mamas have on finding balance or maybe I should say instead…finding a rhythm?

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