My first post along this journey!

My full heart! Camping in the Eastern Sierra!

Reflections on where we are..

So here I am starting this thing, I have been inspired by some pretty amazing mentors to write, reflect, and gain perspective. I also think this life of ours is pretty dang amazing and I think some reflection and perspective will serve me well. Maybe through this process I will inspire and connect with others along the way too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here we are, in the middle, or maybe the beginning. Our family is complete. We have three incredible little humans. Carson Patrick Hatch, 7, a deep, happy, spirited boy who fills me up and blows my freaking mind with his heart and our conversations daily. Evelyn Rose, 4, a crazy, amazing girl who is so passionate and filled with personality and grit the world better stand back. Then we have our sweet Ascher, 9 months old, cuddly, strong, fuzzy, and determined. How did we get this blessed?

We were just on a trip to Death Valley and while picnicking at a waterfall, immersed in just managing Ascher to not crawl into the mud and eat every pebble on the ground, this couple stopped us to say how beautiful our family was. Then they remarked how they grow so fast. They were on a trip with their kids there and it was the first trip together in so long. How they were all a family doing it all together every day and then one day their kids moved out and all the things they had wished they had time for all those years suddenly didn’t matter anymore. How they just wish they could all be together and when they are its not the same because they have a boyfriend or its for such a short time. Made me think, which I often do, we are living it right now, the best of times. Our kids are all so precious and small. I sometimes wish I could freeze time. Especially with Carson, he is big enough to have deep conversations, yet still believes in magic and loves to cuddle with his mama.

Some personal development I have been doing lately has been ringing loud and clear. “Be present, do it all with love!” So, that is what I am trying to wake up and be. I don’t know about you, but I often think about what is my purpose, how can I serve..after all “for much is given, much is expected.” As I reflect on this, this message of just being present and pouring love into all I do has been the answer that comes back to me. I find when I focus on presence, I play more with my kids, I enjoy, and connect with them, they are happier, and so am I. With work, I am trying to remember to do the same. I currently have a health and wellness business with Arbonne and am an Executive Director for an environmental non-profit called the Sierra Nevada Alliance. It is so hard some days that I feel like crumbling. I just wanna be mama, wife to my most amazing husband, and play. Other days, I need more, and I love what I do. I bounce between these two extremes. I look to my husband as my muse. He is also my primary life coach. He lives so much in the present sometimes that it drives me crazy that he isn’t more sentimental or goal oriented like myself. Alas, he is my greatest teacher and I am so in love and grateful for him. So, I don’t know about all of this, but I hope along this path of writing and reflecting I will come a little closer to landing on the mark. In the meantime, I am gonna relish these days, even the hard ones.

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